Cleaning up a crude .stl model of an O2 to hopefully produce a good model of an O2


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Dec 16, 2019
South Africa
Final adjustments will be made once I've finished with the base of the machine and bring them together!

The only way to know if this model will fit an actual machine would be to 3D print it and make adjustments from there, a time-consuming and costly process!

In a worst case scenario, you'd end up with a nice looking O2 enclosure for a Raspberry Pi!

I'll get the model to look as good and clean as possible, but a 3D printed model would still require some finishing in the form of sanding to get it the way it should be!


Apr 18, 2020
Yeah, I'm genuinely interested enough that I might try and take the model, print out some sections of it and check vs my O2. - Well, pay someone to print.

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