XFree86 on IRIX (outside of the Onyx4)


Feb 8, 2019
So, I got an Origin 200 recently. The GIGAchannel tower came with a GeForce 4 MX 440 in it. I thought this was strange, so I messaged the seller and ask what it was used for in there. Apparently, they had it working as a graphics head with XFree86. That made me curious, and onre and I have taken a look at the XFree86 4.x sources and found that none of the releases seem to have code for supporting PCI on IRIX or anything. Does anyone who was around back then remember anything about this? It'd be fascinating to get XFree86 working on IRIX again. Imagine using some Nvidia or ATi card as a second graphics head on an O2 or something!

Old post on comp.sys.sgi.hardware about this without much detail: https://comp.sys.sgi.hardware.narkive.com/3eg9to5C/origin200-pci-video-option#post11
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