The start of a EPIC Dual Pentium Pro Build


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Dec 16, 2019
South Africa
@Irinikus have you seen this smp patch for quake 3 (and other idtech engines)? Well worth a try on your dual cpu machines, it seems to give a significant boost to fps

We found a dual Cpu patch (SMP) that works on old games. \ VOGONS
I've just got my hands on a patched version of Quake 3 allowing it to operate in an SMP mode: (The Dual Pentium Pro setup isn't built yet so I'm running it on my Dual PIII build and am still running the GT 430 for now)

I now get: 151.1FPS with maximum settings @ 1024x768

In the past the system achieved a maximum of 103.2FPS with this setup using the same settings!!!

It gives the system a huge performance boost! (And also offers SMP for voodoo cards!)

You can download it from a link in the description of this YouTube video:

You just need to copy the Quake 3 PAK files into the baseq3 directory to get it up and running!
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