SGI O2 startup issue


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Nov 12, 2021
Poland, Opole

I'm new here and I'm sorry if missed a hread with this issue posted before.
Anyway I've bought a SGI O2, two pieces, only main units. They should work but they not.
All of them got HDD and memory, A/V cards, I/O extension card.

The question I have to this community- they don't start.
One starts, I can hear chime and hear that HDD is spinning but nothing else is going on.
Second starts with no chime but the same HDD is not spinning.
Chime I can hear thrught headphones.

I know the graphic standard is SoG so I've tested that with many monitors and TVs.
The only result I got is a green screen with no other visible stuff behind it OR black screen- in this case display device shows that something is connected to it.

I've tryied to mix everything to find where problem is related to.
So I've take out some memory, mix memory, take out HDD, exchange HDD, take out A/V card, exchange A/V card, take out I/O card and exchange that as well.

No positive results. Motherboards behave always in the same way.

Please, help.


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Jul 27, 2019
Hi Kuba

the symptoms you describe sound much like a hardware failure on both machines. If you can, try to rule out the possibility of none of your monitors supporting SoG. Maybe you have another known to work SGI machine to check this.

Typical debug procedure is to connect a terminal to the first serial port (console) and inspect the output. Even if the hardware is defect, you could use the O2 through serial port or network (telnet, ssh, rsh, ...).

For the serial connection you need a null modem cable and a terminal configured to use 9600, 8-N-1 ( A good terminal emulator is putty (available for Windows) or cu/minicom/tip or the likes on Linux/Unix boxes.

Good luck

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