1. Cyndanera

    Cyndanera CAPS(Computer Animation Production System) Project

    This is Cyndanera CAPS(Computer Animation Production System) Project I been working on for weeks. :D Software is written mostly in C SGI IRIX and Linux is supported.
  2. Cyndanera

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, glad to be here! :D Founder of Cyndanera I'm a developer and artist, animator I got into SGI when I was doing N64 DEV and learning about Disney and Pixar CAPS Animation System & Pixar Image Computer. I'm current working my CAPS Project for SGI & CRA-CAPS-BOX(Hardware), you can...
  3. TripleCTWC

    WSI WeatherProducer 3.0

    Hey everyone! I've been on the Discord server for a while but just found out about the forum. Would anyone here happen to know anything about WSI WeatherProducer 3.0 for IRIX? I'm part of the group that runs the Weather Channel hardware exhibit that's been at the most recent VCFs. I've been...
  4. Docter60

    Silicon Graphics System Capacitor Lists

    This thread hosts a collection of capacitor lists for various SGI boards (mainly for PSU recapping). The collection is not exhaustive and will be added to as more lists are provided. Feel free to notify me of any errors or requested additions. Indy Indigo2 O2 Personal Iris Onyx2...
  5. kubaslonka

    SGI O2 startup issue

    Dears, I'm new here and I'm sorry if missed a hread with this issue posted before. Anyway I've bought a SGI O2, two pieces, only main units. They should work but they not. All of them got HDD and memory, A/V cards, I/O extension card. The question I have to this community- they don't start...
  6. For sale: Silicon Graphics Fuel 800Mhz R16K With professional sound board + extras

    I'm selling my pristine Silicon Graphics Fuel 800Mhz R16K The machine is in an absolutely perfect state, with all working sensors/monitoring activated. The price I'm thinking to sell is around £1850. The config is: 800Mhz R12K V10 graphics Revolution Sound Board 1Gb Ram 36Gb Hard Disk CD-ROM...

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