SCSI2SD - Configuration Guide for IRIX?


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Aug 20, 2019
Can folks share their SCSI2SD configurations? XML configs or Screenshots appreciated.
Any other tips or notes you've written for yourself. Please Share! Thanks.

I've got a couple SCSI2SD but the process for configuring them is poorly documented. Especially with any SGI/IRIX quirks. I'd like to install IRIX 5.3 on my Indy, with a SCSI2SD v5.2, using a 16+ GB SD Card for a single large Hard Drive, with 3 CD-ROM Images for IRIX 5.3, Development Option and a HotMix CD.

What is are the steps for creating the Card layout and adding the ISO's (I'm using Windows but, even Linux steps would be helpful and I'll figure out the equivalent utilities).
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