1. Dacobi

    6.5.30 Installled but no NFS support?

    Hi Just installed Irix 6.5.30 on my O2 using the guide in the sticky thread. Only thing is that NFS support is not installed. Trying to add a NFS folder via Network Manager gives an error that NFS subsystem is not installed. Trying with mount -t nfs gives an IO error. I tried installing NFS...
  2. Dacobi

    Upgrade to 6.5.30?

    Hi I finally got my first SGI machine, an O2 with R10000 195MHz The machine is installed with IRIX 6.5.11 I've downloaded the 6.5.30 images from but I haven't used IRIX since university 20 years ago and I've never installed it. Can I use Software Manager to upgrade the install?
  3. SCSI2SD - Configuration Guide for IRIX?

    Can folks share their SCSI2SD configurations? XML configs or Screenshots appreciated. Any other tips or notes you've written for yourself. Please Share! Thanks. I've got a couple SCSI2SD but the process for configuring them is poorly documented. Especially with any SGI/IRIX quirks. I'd like to...
  4. KayBee

    Is there a graphical "hello world" for C++ on IRIX?

    Hi All, My O2 Irix 6.5.30 install has MipsPro 7.2.1. I am transitioning from Arduino graphics to messing with graphics in C++ on IRIX. I want to use standard libraries to write simple graphics demos to start with. Executing opens a window, draws 2d lines, clears window, draws new 2d lines in...

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