1. Upgrade to 6.5.30?

    Hi I finally got my first SGI machine, an O2 with R10000 195MHz The machine is installed with IRIX 6.5.11 I've downloaded the 6.5.30 images from but I haven't used IRIX since university 20 years ago and I've never installed it. Can I use Software Manager to upgrade the install?
  2. SCSI2SD - Configuration Guide for IRIX?

    Can folks share their SCSI2SD configurations? XML configs or Screenshots appreciated. Any other tips or notes you've written for yourself. Please Share! Thanks. I've got a couple SCSI2SD but the process for configuring them is poorly documented. Especially with any SGI/IRIX quirks. I'd like to...
  3. KayBee

    Is there a graphical "hello world" for C++ on IRIX?

    Hi All, My O2 Irix 6.5.30 install has MipsPro 7.2.1. I am transitioning from Arduino graphics to messing with graphics in C++ on IRIX. I want to use standard libraries to write simple graphics demos to start with. Executing opens a window, draws 2d lines, clears window, draws new 2d lines in...

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