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Dec 21, 2019
Somerset, United Kingdom
I know it's not an SGI, but I'm putting this up here anyhow. This will probably go on eBay in a week as soon as I can find a box...I'm selling my 2010 Mac Pro as I simply don't use it anymore. I bought it about 4 years ago from CreatePro in the UK for some 3D work but have decided to reduce my machines down a bit as I simply don't have time to do my 3D stuff...and house expenses are creating up. I had a new original power supply fitted about 3 years ago.

2010 Mac Pro 5,1 latest firmware, all diagnostics passed.
Case is in OK condition, a few minor scuffs and scratches typical of a machine that has seen some use. The feet and handles are not bent, the side panel fits flush. (I'll put some photos up when I have some light tomorrow)
Dual 2.93Ghz 6 core Xeons. (12 core / 24 thread). All new thermal paste.
48GB 1333Mhz DDR3 ECC ram in triple channel arrangement
All original drive bays present, I also have the blue SSD slot in drive bay.
256GB Samsung EVO SSD will ship with MacOS Mojave.
PCIe NVME card, but no NVME drive (yes it does boot with an NVME card!)
Sapphire AMD RX 580 8GB gfx card, bought new and with box. This is a really quiet card and the fans only really come one when it is rendering / being used for heavy Metal / OpenGL.

I will also add a Zotac GTX680 2GB flashed card, this one has previously been reflowed so I only use it if I need a boot screen. (which is never these days)

The superdrive is a bit picky, sometime it will read discs, sometimes not. I hardly ever use it as I tend to use USB. I'm busy cleaning the machine up and backup up my stuff but it's still a very fast machine with lots of grunt! I just don't use it like it should be used so want to pass it on. I cleaned out all the fans and the case when I did the thermal paste so the machine is dust free.

I'm asking £675 + shipping on the forum (UK only atm). Paypal / cash is fine, happy with collection in person. eBay price will most certainly be higher as the GPU is worth £200 alone.
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