Modern NE2000 ISA card


May 3, 2020
San Diego, Ca
Not sure if this useful to anyone here but I stumbled across this repo yesterday.

This guy put together a NE2000 ISA network card using modern parts, gerber files included in repo.

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Super useful actually! With PCB redrawing this could be made into a version that plugs into the Toshiba T-series proprietary expansion port which is really just an ISA slot with a miniature connector. Can't remember whether it's 8 or 16 bits, but RTL8019 can be made to work in either.
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If you can find an ISA bus ATi Mach64, that is generally accepted as the fastest 16-bit ISA slot video card. I have an ATi Graphics Expression 2mb that I managed to find cheap still in the original box about a year or two ago. Id like to find the 4mb version that supports higher resolution and more colors, but they are really hard to get these days. Im not sure what you would look for if all you have is an 8-bit slot.

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