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May 3, 2022
Hey guys new to the forum, Irix user since 2007.

I've revived my old Fuel and while trying to use an old software I used to use and the runtime linker complains that library "libcomplib.sgimath.so" is missing. Indeed it is missing! Googling suggested that this library was distributed for free by SGI, so I'm puzzled why it is missing, unless it was part of one of the add on CDs SGI used to have.

Does anyone with what CD this would have been packed with?


Jul 27, 2019
Using showfiles:

f 16378 8209348 complib_dev.sw.lib usr/lib/libcomplib.sgimath.a
f 23588 5714796 complib_eoe.sw.lib usr/lib/libcomplib.sgimath.so
f 15892 8336564 complib_dev.sw.lib usr/lib/libcomplib.sgimath_mp.a
f 52048 5821252 complib_eoe.sw.lib usr/lib/libcomplib.sgimath_mp.so

Searching through all IRIX distribution CDs for complib_eoe:

IRIX 6.5 Development Libraries (located at ./dist/complib_eoe)
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