Got a new Octane2.. and it's an SGI Loaner, with box!!


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Mar 2, 2021
Well, if the PSU was only supplying say 18V instead of 24V, the VRM on the V12 could be trying to pull additional current to make up for the lack of voltage, which could cause burn-age. Or maybe the VRM on the V12 is shot and it's creating a short between 24V and ground.

As far as running in an Octane, the other limiting factor besides the PSU is the frontplane. I believe you need a revision 1.4 frontplane to support a VPro, but I'm relying on synapses that haven't been used in many years, and those synapses have suffered much abuse in the interim.


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Sep 23, 2020
Thanks! Yes, xbow must have rev 1.4 or later. checked it and it's 1.4 on both models.
So I could also just take out the PSU and check whether it has 24V output under load. But then both PSUs I tried must be faulty.

I start thinking about buying a cheaper V10 "just for testing" and then keep the V10 as an upgrade in one of the Octane1.

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