ElectroGIG:3DGO Users?


New member
Sep 14, 2022
Vienna, Austria
Hi folks,

Back in the day, when I bought my first Indy, it came with a demo of ElectroGIG:3DGO, which was a pretty fully-featured 3D/Animation/modelling program out of the Netherlands .. as I couldn't afford Maya or SoftImage or .. indeed much of anything for the SGI Animation world, besides maybe a cheap license of Animation:Master that didn't last long .. I spent a lot of time hacking around with ElectroGIG:3DGO and developed a fondness for it.

I'd love to dig a bit further - anyone else have any experience with it? Is it out there, somewhere, anyone know?

Of course, there are probably better things to be running on my R5k Indy these days, but it would make me so happy to have 3DGO back again on my original Indy, which has long since been reformatted and reinstalled since coming out of storage ..

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