Booterizer: fix for math.h compiler errors


Feb 8, 2019
I've determined a method to repair Booterized installations that are affected by the "math.h" compilation errors induced by not rebooting before installing MIPSPro and patches. (For context, see ).

From cli, use 'versions' to remove the following patches:

versions remove patchSG0007076
versions remove patchSG0007188
versions remove patchSG0005401
versions remove patchSG0005329
From the desktop, launch 'swmgr'. Open Overlays disc1, then add the remainder of the install media (Overlays, Foundation, apps). I have all of my installation media available via NFS, and recommend doing so. You can also modify the 'selections' file that Booterizer generates, by changing the paths to wherever your media is located. I had mixed results with this.

Once swmgr has loaded everything, you should see patch 'SG0004605' listed as New. Uncheck everything, and check 'SG0004605'. Ensure there's no conflicts, then proceed with the install.

This should fix a system such that it is capable of properly building binaries with the newest versions of gcc we have available.
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