Issue with Octane over-network installation - Resolved


Feb 8, 2019
While trying to run Booterizer vs my new Octane2 I received the following error:

1) Remote Directory  X) Local CD-ROM

Enter 1-2 to select source type, <esc> to quit,
or <enter> to start: 1

Enter the name of the remote host:
Enter the remote directory: 6.5.30/Overlay/disc1/dist

1)[Remote Directory]  X) Local CD-ROM
      *a) Remote directory 6.5.30/Overlay/disc1/dist from server

Enter 1-2 to select source type, a to select the source, <esc> to quit,
or <enter> to start:

Setting $netaddr to (from server )
Setting $netaddr to (from server )
Setting $netaddr to (from server )

*** PROM write error on cacheline 0x1fcd5200 at PC=0xa80000003ff9c874 RA=0xa80000003ff9a49c
I found a few references on the 'net that hinted it might be due to the onboard PROM version being too old to understand how to netboot 6.5.30 .

I switched to 6.5.22 in Booterizer's settings.yml and ran 'vagrant provision'. This time, I was able to install over the network without issue.

Once the 6.5.22 install was done, I reconfigured Booterizer again for 6.5.30 and was able to install the IRIX version I wanted.
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Aug 1, 2019
Thanks Unxmaal! So what your saying is I didn't need to dig out my trusty Plextor external cdrom? ;)
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