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Aug 28, 2019
After a bit of research I managed to patch the Advanced Visualizer 4.2 "build_key" to make any time period (10 year etc.) or no expiry licenses. This is great, as build_key works for several packages, including older versions (19 are listed when running build_key).

First use the previously mentioned patch to get the password to generate demo keys:

offset 025b7c change 24c66ff8 to 27a50070.

Later you run build_key and press enter when asked for password to get the password.

Time limited:
For time limited licenses you need to patch the demo key time, here I change the 1-day license which "Licenser" uses when you enter "demo" in the code field.

offset 0115cc change 3c01 0001 3421 5182 to for example 3c01 12ce 3421 a600

"00015182" is 1 day in seconds, "12cea600" is ten years. You should be able to increase this as much as you want, though there may be Y2K issues?

No expiry:
offset 025e58 change 00000000 to 8f868054
offset 025e6c change 02003025 to 24a555c8
offset 025e78 change 2fa570c8 to 24c655cc

Even easier - with this patch "no expire" licenses are always generated.

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Jul 22, 2020
You are our new hope for rescue old software. When I have some free time I'll try again install this awesome TAV 4.0.

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