24-bit color on XZ board?


Dec 13, 2022
I noticed the dithering on my Indy XZ system when running 3D apps. Looks like it's running in 8 bits.
Check the screens below. I know it's not fair to compare XZ to MXI, but aren't they both 24-bit and should produce a similar color?
Maybe there's some settings, that I don't know about, that can switch the bit depth for the XZ board? Let me know, please.

Nope. There's no such graphics control panel in Irix 5.3. But, thanks for the hint.

I also tried to change the colour depth with this method: https://software.majix.org/irix/desktop-depth.shtml
But it didn't work either.

I guess it might be related to the configuration within the 3D software itself.

Or it just might be the way the XZ board displays colours in realtime 3D. Rendered images looks fine, without any dithering.


Turns out I'm not the only one with this question: https://forums.sgi.sh/index.php?threads/indigo-2-gr3-elan-24bit.910/

It would be interesting to see the actual screenshots from Powerflip demos on Indigo2 Extreme (or XZ) for comparison. Can anybody help with that?
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