Zilog 80, Sharp SM83 (GameBoy) assembler/compiler


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Oct 31, 2023
I started on a Zilog80, GameBoy compiler programmed in Guile Scheme 1.4 on IRIX 6.2.
It is Nekoware licensed.
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Here's the 0.1.6 release, half the Zilog 80 opcodes are in, nothing for the game boy yet, except for the actor class.

Here's a link to the latest release (v0.1.6) :
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Version 0.1.7 is available. It includes all Zilog 80 opcodes in a table with maybe some mistakes on the mnemonics syntax, but it should be usable. The table contains patterns of the form ("LD" . 0xCC) for example. Later on these hexes should call upon actors for parsing.

See the link below for the source code :
The hex number "symbols" are in, together with the base actors for evaluating arguments on the opcodes .e.g. to parse different loads ("LD" instruction").

There is a start on the 32-wise opcodes (e.g. nesasm for the Zilog 80) then all of the opcode actors, such as ld0x0A. The rest of these actors should override opcode-actor.scm.

(32-wise means non-obfuscated ones).

The latest version is 0.1.9 and available here :
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