WTB: Ultra 64 Development Board SGI Indy + Joybus adapter

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Oct 17, 2021
Madrid, Spain
I am looking for Ultra 64 Development Board that connects into the GIO expansion bus of the SGI Indy with their Joybus adapter for i can connect retail controller.

I am very serious, contact me without hesitation please, it is urgent.


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Jun 30, 2020
Still unclear how a mediocre dev kit for a >25 year old system is needed urgently... nor why you're willing to pay $5000+ for it (note: it WILL cost you >$5000 if you can even find one, as that's what the current standing offer from others is sitting at and they're still waiting for a response last I saw...).

Just FYI you can install the software to build things on an Indy without the hardware and then throw that file on an SD card, in an everdrive64 cart into an N64 plugged into the VINO which gives you 90% of this for oh... 1/50th the price or so :)

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