WTB: Indigo2 R8000 CPU


Aug 26, 2020
My Power Indigo² has a dead R8k module. Desperately searching for a replacement.

I know nothing about this site and cannot vouch for them, but they might have it: http://www.retrotechnology.com/aux/bigcpu.html

SGI R8000 CPU module 030-0754?-001 prob. 0759 75Mhz one, $39
SGI R8000 CPU module 030-0754?-001
SGI R8000 75Mhz CPU module 030-0759-001 one, $39
SGI R8000 CPU module 030-0759-001

EDIT: I now suspect they don't. I *think* that "/aux" signified an out-of-date section of their website. Could still be worth contacting them though!
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