Where can I find the Demos for Indigo2?


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Sep 23, 2020
I had replaced SCSI disks with SCSI2SD and reinstalled IRIX 6.5.22 on both my Indigo2 R4400 and impact R10000. Now I am missing the 3D demos..

I found various demo installer ISOs, but they all seem to be for later machines like the O2, and I also found a small archive with sources for the demos, but here I get "compiler can't create executables".. (which btw seems to be another problem I am facing now on a clean install..)

Then I read somewhere that the demos were no longer included after a certain IRIX version and have to be installed from an earlier version, but don't know in which version they still were included.

Can someone please give me a hint where I can find the demos that will run on the Indigo2 IMPACT?
Or what else could be installed besides the original SGI demos to showcase capabilities?

thanks a lot!

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