What can you disable to speed up boot times


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Jul 22, 2020
Use chkconfig. I'm speed boot times disabling some services. On lastest Irix boots too slow when you are not connected to the internet router, because check internet services and if not found retry some times until continue botting.
First of all I'm suggest activate verbose mode to view what services starting and what Irix doing during boot. In terminal windows type "chkconfig verbose on".
Usually open terminal window and type "chkconfig", it show a list of startup services , some of them are on and other off. For disable some services like timed type "chkconfig timed off".


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Sep 23, 2020
What's doing esp ?
I had also turned that one off.

from the man pages:

esp - Embedded Support Partner

esp is an infrastructure that is integrated into the operating system for
the purposes of support. This infrastructure contains various components
that perform the following:

Capture and store system level events
Capture and store system configuration
Capture and store system availability information
Provide Electronic Logbook for Activities performed
Provide features of proactive notification
Generate various reports for supportability
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