Wanted: Onyx4 plastic door panels


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Aug 5, 2022
I'm converting a short Altix rack into an Onyx4 rack and I'm looking to buy (or swap) the purple door plastic panels. I need four of them.

Failing that, does anyone have an Onyx4 and could tell me the RAL purple colour, my next option would be to have the plastic coloured by a company specialising in car and plane trim restorations. In which case I may be interested in more black or the transparent blue ones (whichever will take the colour process better, which may need some experimentation). The black and grey rack skins look be the same colour as Origin racks, grey and black, which I'd like help in confirming, with only the door panels and top decorative strip differing.

I have a full set of tall Origin rack panels (which for the most part are in good condition) front and back, plus a set of short Altix black panels (one of which is damaged). I'd prefer not to sacrifice what's looking like a complete tall Origin rack for just a few plastic panels.


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