Video Capture Card Hell!!!


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Dec 16, 2019
South Africa
My Epiphan DVI2PCIe card arrived yesterday and it's defective!!!!

I've sent Epiphan an email containing the following information: (To see if it's completely broken or fixable, as if it's broken, and beyond fixing, I'll unfortunately have to request a refund from the seller on eBay!)

The card’s serial number is: D2P260197

I’m running windows 8.1 Pro, on a vintage Alienware system equipped with 6GB of RAM, a Core2 Duo @ 3.0 GHz and an Nvidia Quadro Plex 1000 Model IV running the graphics.

With nothing plugged into the source the card registers an input of 16380x4095@0.2Hz

Here’s a picture showing the measured VGA Mode:

The card doesn’t respond if I do plug in a source

The status LED is showing continuous green, and cycles through green and blue alternately when the application is launched (Attempting to tune the capture parameters)

Another thing to note is that the card’s temperature reading through the application has to be erroneous, as it constantly reads 228.9 degrees C, which is definitely not correct.

Here’s how the card appears in the device manager:

All I’m wanting to know is if the card is defective beyond repair, so that I can report back to the seller on eBay, as I’d like a refund if it is.

The computer seems to be able to communicate with the card: I've managed to successfully update its firmware to the latest revision and upload the latest EDID file to the card. This could either be a firmware problem or failure of the chip that acquires the input information, in my opinion. (The false temperature reading points to firmware in my opinion, as if it was really operating at that temperature, it would be completely dead!)

Hopefully it's fixable!

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