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Feb 8, 2019
Toijala, Finland
Anyone else have these? I've got a T3200SXC with an active matrix display with 5 megabytes of memory. Someone has upgraded the CPU to a 486 with a Cyrix 486SLC2 kit. I'm still not sure about the actual frequency, 40 MHz is my best guess. The thing does run MS-DOS, mTCP TCP/IP stack and Windows 3.11 just fine. The keyboard on these is very nice. It also has two ISA slots, one 8-bit and one 16-bit. I've got a Sound Blaster Vibra16 and a 3COM 3c509 in there to make it a full-blooded multimedia workstation.

I'll try to take a decent pic of it someday.


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Dec 13, 2019
The Great White North
I don't have a Toshiba, but I do have a no-name made-in-Taiwan portable. The mechanical keyboard is the best part of it! This one has a single ISA slot, a very hard to read grayscale LCD at full VGA 640x480 resolution, and some interesting upgrades:
  • 486DX-33 Intel Overdrive CPU (original was 386)
  • 8 MB RAM (30-pin SIMMs), which is a lot for this era
  • i387 co-processor (don't think this is actually used by the system anymore due to the overdrive CPU)
  • 3c509TX as the 10bT ethernet upgrade in the ISA slot
The previous owner has Slackware Linux 1.2! dual booting with Dos 6.22. It's a fantastic system for DOS programming, and it's very nostalgic to boot up an ancient Linux distro for fun.

The original NiCD battery is currently toast but I think I might be able to fit in a modern RC car LiPO plus a charger board inside the cavity where it used to go.

Maybe we both have to upload pics, huh Onre?
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Jun 23, 2019
@onre I have one of those 3inOneder boards installed in my Toshiba 1200T (which I recently finished servicing/restoring with all organic caps) it's a lovely thing. I was speaking to the guy and he might make another revision with ethernet onboard too.

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