Top Indy R5000, 180 MHz, XL24 in perfect condition!


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Jan 21, 2020
Selling my top Indy R5K complete with IndyCam+Mic and printed welcome material + Owner's Guide!

I have replaced the drive with a new R15K 36GB disk with adapter and installed IRIX 6.5. The machine is in near mint condition and also running fast, stable and also very silent with the SONY PSU. This Indy is much faster than the average/older Indy. A 10 MB TIF loads in seconds in the SGI accelerated Photoshop version. Both versions are installed so you can compare the speed difference. So it's not just a collectible, but also a capable workstation in software like Alias, Maya and Elastic Image 3 etc.

View the eBay listing here:

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