The Sun Fire V880Z


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Dec 16, 2019
South Africa
This is the largest machine I currently have in my collection! (All 157kg of it!!!)

I received this little monster brand new in box!!! (So I've been lucky enough to experience the unboxing of such a piece of equipment!)

It has the following spec: 6x UltraSPARC III Cu 1.2GHz, XVR-4000, 48GB of RAM (It's at max spec)

Here are some pictures of the machine to show it's expandability:

Here are some pics of the XVR-4000: (This is an extremely rare graphics card!)

Here's the splash screen for the XVR-4000 as it boots:

Here are some details concerning the XVR-4000:

Here is a publication by Michael Frank Deering, the man who created this monstrous graphics card:

It's about three times as powerful as an SGI V12 and has nine times the geometry performance of an SGI Infinite Reality III sytem.

According to Michael Frank Deering (it's creator), "This product still has by far the highest final antialiased pixel quality of any real-time machine ever built."
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Feb 4, 2019
Interesting, I never knew Sun had such powerful graphics cards! I'd never seen them in use in the market segments that would be interested in such a thing, but clearly someone was buying these :)

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