The most important piece of hardware for the modern SGI enthusiast


Feb 4, 2019
This is something that I posted as a joke in chat after some contentious discussion about government shutdowns in the #hardware channel and someone noting it was off topic. I think the discussion had the potential to be on topic, if in a rather roundabout way ;)

ghost180sx said:
@Elf, please meme that! And post on forums!
Since it was requested...

Whether you are pro-shutdown, anti-shutdown, worried about your health, or worried about the economy, let me tell you about one of the most important pieces of hardware any SGI collector can own:


Avon FM-53 gas mask, with VPU, CBRN hood, spectacle kit, C2A1 filter, and chem suit / gloves / boots

With this critical piece of hardware, you can enhance your SGI related experiences. You will be able to:
  • Attend VCF-East at the original date, as if it had never been cancelled
  • Grab those hot "local pickup only" deals
  • Continue porting software to IRIX during and after a chemical, nuclear, or biological attack
  • Keep using your SGI after your family members cough on it
Dress for success in your SGI related endeavors! No SGI collector should be without their own gas mask. *

* - Proper donning, doffing, and decontamination procedures required for full effectiveness. Not responsible for suffocation, difficulty breathing, use of old Russian masks and filters full of asbestos, still catching the virus anyways, or any other hazards, injuries, or death resulting from untrained and/or improper usage. ;)

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