Sun Fire V250


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Dec 16, 2019
South Africa
My Sun Fire V250's finally in my possession, and it's great to see that it boots! (It doesn't have a drive installed at this point though!)

It's allot smaller than I expected it to be! (Here's how it compares to an SGI Tezro in size)

I will be ordering the following parts from WildFire Systems in the UK in the upcoming months:

hard drive and sled for the machine
an XVR-1200
another CPU
8GB of RAM
a PC card
a tape drive

The machine is currently very low specced, but it wont be for long! (In the case of a machine such as the V250, the chassis is very hard to come by, but the upgrades are luckily much easier to source!)
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Nov 30, 2021
Nice one! Been looking for one for about a year. When they do pop up the shipping to Sweden is very expensive though!
Haven't seen one in Sweden, I guess they sold mostly in the US.

Have you had time to put it to use yet?

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