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Dec 13, 2022
Hi there,

There's not much info about SESI Prisms (Houdini's ancestor) on the internet. So I thought why not make a thread related to it.
Version 6.4 that floats around was released in 1996 and I'm running it on Octane under IRIX 6.5.30.

Here's a video clip of me rushing through its menus. I like the archaic interface that doesn't look like anything.

It would be great to hear from somebody who used the program in the 90s (even if it was just for flying logos).
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A few screenshots of Action module



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ooo the old TDI explorer & prism interface, man I dont miss it 1 bit. ;)
most the software back then looked like this unless you were using an Amiga which pre-dates this a bit back to 1991/2/3

some really good crazy scenes created with Prism was in the Spawn Film, particle morphing galore, they did some crazy things with it!
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