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Apr 17, 2022
I have a bunch of misc SGI PCs. parts and software, still in process of researching prices but feel free to make offers that are fair and realistic, here is the full list,
1 Indy Model# CMN B006Y66 (functions)
1 Iris Indigo Model# CMNB003 (functions) SOLD
1 Indigo 2 Model# CMNB007Y75 (Case/Parts)
1 Octane Model# CMNB015ANG300 (Case)
1 O2 Model# CMNB014ANT180 (Case)

System Board HYE498
System Board KCN210
System Board 81653C

4 Kingston KSg-128/R40 Ram Sticks
4 Siemens 4245-16 B106666 Ram Sticks
4 NEC MO-272 9714A17722 Ram Sticks
1 NEC MC-026 Ram Stick
1 Kingston KSG-02/64 Ram Stick
1 SGI 362272 Ram Stick
1 SGI 362269 Ram Stick

1 SCSI Adapter
1 SGI 030-0930-002 Small Board
1 SGI 80696C Small Board
1 SGI AXB157 Item/Adapter?
1 New in Bag Iris Camera 0104177

4 IRIX Software Discs
4 IRIX 813 Software Discs
3 IRIX 814 Software Discs
2 IRIX 813 Software Discs
2 O2 Software Discs
1 Iris 6.3 for O2 Software Disc
3 Iris 6.5.9 Overlay Software Discs

1 Quick Reference Card


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