Sgi Tezro + PiKVM : working fine..


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May 25, 2022
Hi All,
I am the fortunate tenant of a decent Tezro (4x700Mhz, V12 with DCD).
I recently tested a PiKVM with my Tezro and I am happy to report success.

The good: There are a few quirks but it works very fine.

The bad: You need an SGi which has:
- USB ports (only 1 in use).
- Digital output (I suspect the HAT V3 board in the PiKVM only does Digital).
- The HAT V3 does not like 1920x1200, I could only get it working at 1280x1024@60.

I am using two cables from the Tezro to the piKVM:
- standard HDMI cable + DVI-D to HDMI converter on the V12.
- usb-c (pikvm) to USB3 (USB-A connector) on the Tezro USB PCI-X.

Here is what it looks like:



- PiKVM from
- DVI-HDMI adapter from amazon.
- Cables I had laying around (HDMI + USB)

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