SGI o2 PANICs at boot time with analog A/V board installed


New member
Aug 28, 2019
So, I dropped more money on a actual Analog A/V option. Only thing is, when I connect it to my o2 the machine instantly PANICs at power on/video init with no serial output. Values remain constant in spite of reboots, connector cleanings, dustings, and the like. I've spent more on these damned modules than I have the computer itself at this point. Anyone have some resources or pointers for troubleshooting?

The board's a Rev. F. Reverting to my two Rev. D audio boards causes the machine (R10k) to boot just fine. Is this some weird compatibility thing? Also, could I move the three video-specific chips over to one of my two known good audio only boards to "promote" it? They both use the same exact base PCB and components aside from the three.

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