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Feb 4, 2019
Western United States
Nice advertisement; I was about to say that I wish there were interesting computer ads like this now, but I realized that even the magazines that host these full page ads went out of style over a decade or two ago 😅

Jade Nekotenshi

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Jun 3, 2021
The ads are still around, but everyone's selling the same thing and competing on cost, or maybe in some cases on gold-platedness - it's not left a lot of room to be awesome, alas.

Wish I still had some of the old ads like this around! Heck, even some of the DEC or Sun ones - those were never as dead-smexy as SGI's ads, but they were still a whole lot more interesting than "I can build you a generic Xeon-and-Quadro box with Windows 11 for $125 less than Dell can"...
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Dec 13, 2019
The Great White North
Very cool, especially the TDI Explore ads! While not strictly an ad, I would like to present this cover of the Yugoslav (!) computer magazine "personalni računari " illustrating the typical SGI system administrator of 1992.

(more here

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it’s hard to believe anybody could afford one then in the 90s! Perhaps this was more of a hobby mag and not a paid SGI placement? I’d be shocked if SGI invested in the country then… then again they did like to spend! LOL

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