Reanimator 1.0 released

Well, it's an IRIX installation problem.

Try adding "irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/6.5.30/disc1/dist" as source in addition to "irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/irix65x/nfs/dist".

rbpi must be added in /etc/hosts, I don't know if "[email protected]:i/6.5.30/nfs/dist" works, but you can try it ;)
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Edit: "" replaced with "[email protected]:i/IRIX/irix65x/nfs/dist"

I confirm that swmgr works with "[email protected]:i/IRIX/irix65x/nfs/dist" and "[email protected]:i/IRIX/6.5.30/disc1/dist".

I recommend adding rbpi to the hosts file, of course, you can use the System Manager or vi editor.

NFS is now installed and working on my Octane2. It just works on a shell, not on the filesystem manager (it doesn't work neither in version 6.5.30 on Octane2 nor in version 6.5.22 on Indy), there must be some incompatibility of versions 6.5.x, because NFS on filesystem manager does work on IRIX 5.3 on Indy.

I'm mounting NFS shares using for example "mount rbpi:/home/irix/i /mnt" or "mount /mnt"

I have tested NFS on a file manager and it does work, like here:, I have typed "rbpi:/home/irix/i" on a file manager and it works. Be sure to set up NFS using AutoFS, it's documented on the link.
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While starting further tests, the O2 won't boot. I always get "check_ev_presence[5] and a lot of text behind and then "Syntax error" in.
Is it the old lady or the installation???
The second attempt was more successful. :)

The NFS install went through with the Overlays1 added during install and now it works fine!
Im unshure what might be missing now. :unsure:

I will test the feature stream with different setting on another O2.
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I'm glad to hear good news :), your IRIX installation seems complete now, forget the feature stream.

Personally I would try version 6.3 specific for O2 R5k/R10k, I've seen it working on an O2 and it's really fast. Compare the performance and decide for yourself.
Yes, you should always install the feature stream because SGI stated in the installation instructions:

"During your first upgrade to an intermediate release, you are asked to choose
either of two release streams, the maintenance stream or the feature stream. The
maintenance stream includes accumulated bug fixes and basic support for
new hardware, if any. The feature stream includes everything in the
maintenance stream, plus any new software features.

I created two new scripts to put into the "i" directory of the Reanimator server to do that:

0a. Filename "6.5.30-fs.txt"
from irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/6.5.30/disc1/dist
from irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/6.5.30/disc2/dist
from irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/6.5.30/disc2/dist/unbundled
from irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/6.5.30/disc3/dist
from irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/irix65x/f1/dist
from irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/irix65x/f2/dist
from irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/irix65x/devf/dist
from irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/irix65x/devl/dist
from irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/irix65x/nfs/dist
from irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/6.5.30/apps/dist
from irix@rbpi:i/IRIX/6.5.30/capps/dist

0b. Filename "6.5.30-inst_fs.txt"
keep *
install standard
keep java2_plugin.sw32.mozilla_freeware
keep inventor_dev.sw.base
keep inventor_dev.sw.lib
install eoe.sw.fonttools
install eoe.sw.uucp
install eoe.sw.xlv
install eoe.sw.spell
install ftn_eoe
install inventor_eoe.sw64
install ifl_eoe.sw64
install dmedia_eoe.sw64
install prereqs
keep incompleteoverlays
rem java_dev*

Then, you can start with the installation from scratch:

1. Start the partitioner from the command monitor run from maintenance menu with:
bootp():IRIX/6.5.30/disc1/stand/fx.ARCS -x
And partition your drive.

2. Start the installer from network:
- Enter System Maintenance menu, press 2 or click on "Install system software"
- Press 1 or click on "From remote directory"
- Enter "rbpi" as server
- Enter "IRIX/6.5.30/disc1/dist"

Eventually enter hostname and network address

Select option "13. admin" --> "11. mkfs". Create the filesystems and you're done!

Select option "15. load filename" --> irix@rbpi:i/6.5.30-fs.txt

Then select "2" for feature stream

Select option "11. done"

Select option "16. source filename" --> irix@rbpi:i/6.5.30-inst_fs.txt

Type "go"

Type "quit" and then "Requickstarting ELF files" starts.

Restart system!

The NFS somehow had to be installed manually via the Software Manager from network:
"[email protected]:i/IRIX/irix65x/nfs/dist" for the main files and "[email protected]:i/IRIX/6.5.30/disc1/dist" to fulfill the dependencies.
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