Old versions of irix.


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Sep 12, 2022
Hello everyone, Iv been on a hunt to find old versions of irix (Older than 4.0.5) and GL-2 and any software that will run on either. Sadly its been really hard to find just about anything. I was just wondering what everyone has found?

I'm mainly looking for anything that can run on 3.3.2 and versions of 4d1-2
I seem to recall having a copy of an older version IRIX that was on a tape cartridge, I’ll see if I can find it.
I moved from California to Arizona in 2021 and my SGI stuff fills up about 2/3s of my two car garage so
it might take me a while to find it. Feel free to message me at 818-205-7287 every so often and bug me
as a reminder to look for it. I just unpacked seven wardrobe boxes full of SGI stuff, mostly parts, and I’ve
still got twelve 24” cubed boxes full of various SGI items to go through but at least I now have the extra
shelving to put it on and I’ve been digging into it for the past two weeks. At least I finally found my two SGI
1400s, I had to leave them for the movers due to a time crunch but at least I got all my Octanes, Indigo 2s,
Indys, O2s and my 230s, 320s, 330s, 540s, 550s, and Zx10s moved my self. It’s been a real pain!

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Is this what you’re looking for? In my previous reply I mentioned that the software was on a tape cartridge but I later realized I was thinking of a version of Excel for Unix I have. Fortunately these are on 5 1/4 floppy.
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These actually have never been archived and there has never been a complete set of gl2 install disks archived. The T in the version name says its for the IRIS graphics terminals which software actually has never been archived. So this is historical!

I am going to use a grease weasel to create a flux image of the disks. Ill post them everywhere i can!

And if anyone has anything else they need help archiving please let me know. I would gladly do it!
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