Octane SCSI2SD Quest: How would I copy IRIX install from boot drive to external SCSI drive (SCSI2SD)


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Feb 24, 2020
Hi All,

In my Octane1 I have an internal 73GB Cheetah system drive (unit 1 controller 0, only IRIX and Dev tools on it), and I also have a SCSI2SD connected externally with 32GB SD card (unit 1 controller 1) mounted. I am able to read/write to/from it the SD card. I would like to copy my boot drive to the external. I hesitate to say clone because the drives are not the same size. I want to do this so I can continue my experiments to boot from SCSI2SD. Ok I'll say clone, anyone know a procedure I could use to do this step? Ideally to create a "clone" that would be theoretically bootable.

FYI I did try a dozen variations of SCSI2SD configs and the SCSI2SD in a DAT sled/adapter internally in slots 2 and 3 but I never got the octane to see it. Parity, termination, SCSI2, 6 sec Delay, several SCSI IDs etc. I am frankly surprised the SCSI2SD did not show up. I hope it's just something I haven't thought of.

Thank you.


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