Newb questions, i.e. I have forgotten


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Apr 8, 2020
Totally embarrassing newb questions.

Irix 6.5.30. How do you set the system time? Just fired up my O2 after a billion years in storage and the clock is displaying the wrong time.

It has been a while and I have forgotten most of what I knew. Looking forward to getting back into it.

Also if anyone knows how, how the hell do you get the "base" off an O2. I have one tricked out one, with a busted base, and a couple of dead ones, which have good skins and bases, so wanted to sort that. Getting the black lid and blue skin off is easy, the base may require witchcraft Tongue . Any tips appreciated.

Kind regards,
Jason Berge.


Sep 23, 2020
hi! to set the system time, you could just use the 'date' command:
$ sudo date 03280805
will set to March 03 08:05 of the current year
or check '$man date' for additional options.


Dec 13, 2019
The Great White North
Just a tip: I find it nice to setup my linux box to support the rdate protocol. then rdate <server_hostname>, if the server is in /etc/hosts, or rdate <serverip> otherwise.

To setup an rdate server, use xinetd. It supports the original RFC868 protocol for serving time, supported by nearly all vintage UNIX systems.
Instructions that work on my Debian server are here.

Security issues? Not really. It's not more or less secure than NTP, which is unencrypted over the wire. It may be less accurate, but who cares about milliseconds?

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