mrxvt - a tabbed xterm available in irixports


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Feb 8, 2019
Due to the hard work of a few members here (hammy -, patching, Unxmaal added to ports..) we now have a nice tabbed xterm for IRIX work. It's easy to take for granted our modern tabbed experiences until you start working and have like 10 xterms around....

So mrxvt is a nice, fast xterm that you can install via irixports now ( Info about mrxvt:

I've looked at hammy's nice winterm-esque mrxvt and made one that is more classic term like and put together a sample .mrxvtrc file you can use to get a more customized experience of mrxvt. I've been using it both on my SGI and remote via X and it's very very nice. Thanks hammy for patching this up for us.

My sample mrxvtrc:
Hammys (in his post) :


  • install mrxvt using irixports (run package script in it's directory)
  • choose or create your own .mrxvtrc file and put it in your home dir, i.e. "vi $/.mrxvtrc"
  • run mrxvt on your sgi or remote via xwindows
  • enjoy your tabbed experience

Setup a rxvt terminfo in IRIX so you can use native term functions of mrxvt:


Pull this gist into file called 'rvxt' :

As root:

$ /usr/bin/tic ./rvxt

Verify a new file was created for rvxt:

$ ls -l /usr/share/lib/terminfor/
total 8
-rw-r--r-- 1 root sys 2325 Jul 21 09:42 rxvt

Now enjoy mrxvt with native rxvt TERM support!

* Make sure you use /usr/bin/tic - using the tic from ncurses may not work (if you've installed ncurses)

dillera@octane ~ $ env |grep -i term

Some screenshots (running on Xquartz on Macosx):


edit - to add TERMINFO directions
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Jun 23, 2019
Hi massiverobot,

Please is there an update to this? I have succeeded in getting mrxvt on my system but would like more instructions in regards to the rxvt file etc. I put the rxvt file in my home directory and ran the "tic ./rxvt" command. I tried verifying but the verify results aren't the same as yours. I just get eight entries of root sys with no rxvt listed at all.

And please advise how to add the TERM and COLOURTERM options in my bash_profile.

Thank you,

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