Monitor flickers on and off


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Oct 24, 2020
I had not booted up my Indigo2 for several months. I am using a Dell Monitor that I have used in the past without a problem. When I bootup I get the initial screen indicating boot process has begun, then screen goes black and after about 30 seconds the login screen comes up. After I log in the screen looks fine, there is some wavering of the image near the top corners but it goes away. When I start a process from the drop down menu, the scree goes blank again and then after 10-20 seconds it comes back up where it left off. This screen blanking and coming back on seems to happen whenever I start something new. I a letting the screen saver run with the whales and it seems to be running continuously.

Is this a power supply problem or graphics card problem?

Suggestions for what tests to run would be helpful. Thanks,


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