Midisynth/Midikeys 6.5.22 problems

Jack Luminous

New member
Feb 11, 2023
Hi there, just got back to Irix tinkering a few weeks ago. Had a 5 years hiatus where I was busy with other things. Seems I have now some free time and renewed interest/motivation for some more tinkering. After relocating, replugging everything, I installed on my Octane2 midisynth from dmedia that was missing from my 6.5.22 install. I did that by providing the 6.5.22 overlay and IRIX_6.5_Foundation_1 to the software manager. I didn't realize at the time (years ago) it was optional so it wasn't installed at all in the first place. Final goal is to plug an old unused Roland PC200 midi keyboard thru serial port to control the thing.

I immediately ran into some problems when trying to use the newly installed software :

- midikeys app seems to have some problems running correctly. Clicking on the keys does work but trying to open a menu makes it crash immediately with some polyfill_rectangle error in the console.

-midisynth seems to work but I cannot seem to be able to drag&drop sounds or banks from folders to the icon pockets (as indicated in the manual). When I try, the icon goes back to where it was without being taken in account by the synth app at all.

Tried to uninstall/reinstall with no luck. Tried to apply intermediate overlays (I have 6.5.13/6.5.15/6.5.17/6.5.21) but it doesn't seem possible.
I wonder if those are known bugs of midisynth on 6.5.22 or if I have some mangled install problems. I checked all the installed software/libs using software manager but everything seems coherent as far as release number and components. Any ideas welcome !

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