Looking for 1600SW video adaptor card for my O2


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Jan 1, 2022
I was able to pick up a 1600SW monitor and multilink adaptor today. I just found out that there is a Video Graphics adaptor for the O2. If you have one that I can use, please message me or tell me where I can find one. Someone posted that its SGI P/N 030-1170-001.
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Sep 20, 2022
Looking at Elf's reseller list...

http://www.bbsolutions.com/sgi/o2.html has it, but as ever they don't give the price and you'll have to contact them for a quote.
030-1170-001O2/LVD FP Adapter (to connect with 1600SW Flatpanel)
http://www.mashek.com/SGIparts/O2.php also has it listed, at a price of £150:
Flat Panel Adapter for 1600SW
Checking http://www.sgidepot.co.uk/sgidepot/partsspares.html#O2 reveals that it WOULD cost £125 there if it was still in stock - but sadly it isn't.

I couldn't access sgisun.com at all. I tried both Chromium and Firefox, and don't know what the problem was. But @3ddoc owns that site, so you may want to send a private message to them and see if they have it.

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