Library of 3D models for SGI spares / parts?


Sep 7, 2022
3D printers are getting cheap and so much more accurate and reliable. I have few doubts things like drive sleds could now be printed with enough precision that they'd work okay. Adapted sleds for things like the SCSI2SD or ZuluSCSI would also be really welcome. Lots of Octanes have broken doors (same for the Tezro & Fuel). Lots of O2's have broken CDROM drive covers or top covers. Both have a lot of rounded edges and difficult curves. I imagine that the difficulty is doing the modeling.

Are 3D scanners cheap & accurate enough to generate a valid starting point (at least getting the measurements and the slot alignment correct). So, far I think I all I've seen is the internal sled for an Indy. I'm not even sure if I could find that, at this point. Is there a place where these kind of models are showing up or should I give up and start this project myself?


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Sep 23, 2020
we have collected some small spare parts and badges here: SGI 3D Print
feel free to submit a pull request when you have designed something to be added to the repo.

precision of FDM 3D printers is good enough for drive sleds etc. for smaller things like logos (sgi cube, gfx badge etc) you need a resin printer.
I tried a few 3D scanning apps on iphone some time ago, it wasn't good enough, not even as a starting point.

for SCSI2SD and ZuluSCSI I have a STL here but don't remember where I found it.. probably on thingiverse.. it fits in the screw pattern of harddrives. but you probably want a whole sled, not just the mounting frame for the PCB.

mount.png sled.jpg

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