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Feb 8, 2019
Things keep rolling out from vlad and jenna16bit..

From the dry hills and sands of the southwest comes more software from Jenna16. Enjoy them via tdnf.

I'll keep updating this post, newest at the top....

December 19

  • Worker update, supporting avfs! (AVFS is a system, which enables all programs to look inside archived or compressed files)
  • xxms - XMMS is a multimedia player for unix systems. XMMS stands for X MultiMedia System and can play media files such as MP3, MOD's, WAV and others
  • esound deps for xxms

First use the --refresh command to ensure you pull down the new metadata for the packages:

dillera@fuel ~ $ sudo /usr/sgug/bin/tdnf --refresh upgrade worker

Worker, if you have never used it, is a DirOpus clone for unix that is amazing.

December 16th

cinepaint - jenna
llvm/clag - vlad

clang is a big boi clocking in at 830.56M!

refresh the local rpm with something like:
sudo /usr/sgug/bin/tdnf --refresh list |grep llvm


dillera@fuel ~ $ sudo /usr/sgug/bin/tdnf install cinepaint

lcms-libs mips 1.19-28.sgug 283.02k 289814
gtk+ mips 1:1.2.10-91.sgug 2.82M 2955870
cinepaint mips 0.21-0 12.02M 12604406

Total installed size: 15.12M 15850090
Is this ok [y/N]: y

lcms-libs 145343 100%
gtk+ 951962 100%
cinepaint 4193136 100%
Testing transaction
Running transaction
Installing/Updating: gtk+-1:1.2.10-91.sgug.mips
Installing/Updating: lcms-libs-1.19-28.sgug.mips
Installing/Updating: cinepaint-0.21-0.mips


Clang LLVM

dillera@fuel ~ $ sudo /usr/sgug/bin/tdnf install llvm clang

lld mips 14.0.0~pre5-2.sgug 197.58M 207178490
clang-irix-includes-6530 mips 14.0.0~pre5-2.sgug 1.77M 1852486
libunwind mips 14.0.0~pre5-2.sgug 381.45k 390608
libcxx mips 14.0.0~pre5-2.sgug 11.69M 12254752
clang mips 14.0.0~pre5-2.sgug 830.56M 870900117
llvm mips 14.0.0~pre5-2.sgug 1.14G 1226750337

Total installed size: 2.16G 2319326790
Is this ok [y/N]: y

lld 45680166 100%
clang-irix-includes-6530 404006 100%
libunwind 73335 100%
libcxx 1371935 100%
clang 177482761 100%
llvm 262449739 100%
Testing transaction
Running transaction
Installing/Updating: libunwind-14.0.0~pre5-2.sgug.mips
Installing/Updating: libcxx-14.0.0~pre5-2.sgug.mips
Installing/Updating: llvm-14.0.0~pre5-2.sgug.mips
Installing/Updating: clang-irix-includes-6530-14.0.0~pre5-2.sgug.mips
Installing/Updating: lld-14.0.0~pre5-2.sgug.mips
Installing/Updating: clang-14.0.0~pre5-2.sgug.mips


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Aug 25, 2021
For clang, you'll also need to install libcxx-devel in order to build anything C++. I should probably make that a suggested package for clang.
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