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Aug 28, 2019
I recently picked up a bunch of Japanese SGI books and magazines. Some interesting stuff, I will try to scan/OCR them all, though be patient... Of course, unless you speak japanese, you need to copy and paste the OCRed text into Google Translate og DeepL Translator to gain any knowledge from this. Though, all in all interesting as SGI literature is limited...

SGI World was apparently an appendix to Japanese MacWorld which ran for 11 issues, before it was reduced to a few pages in the main magazine. Unfortunately I didn't get a full set, which was auctioned separately and went for over $200. Lots of interesting articles about different software and especially use in game development...


Another book - or "mooks" as they are called in Japan, something inbetween a magazine and softcover book. This time "INDY! Super Power Guidebook. I want to know more" from 1995. Some interesting stuff - among others a mention of "Matador Sprite"... a version of Matador Paint for sprite artwork... Never heard of it before.

Not to forget - a CD is included, which contains a (complete?) dump of the SGI FTP server from January 1995. This was included, according to the magazine, as internet access was "not widespread" in Japan at the time. Very cool - I'm not sure if some/all of the old FTP files have been dumped before - otherwise there may be some rare stuff on the disk... edit: Seems most of it has been mirrored by Jan-jaap earlier, however a few files are unique... Will run a file comparison on it later.

INDY! Super Power Guidebook I want to know more! (1995)


Indy book.png

INDY! Super Power Guidebook I want to know more! CD ISO dump (SGI FTP from January 1995)

Also a cool TDI Explore ad, among others (showing the Cosmic Pinball ride film from 1994... very impressive for the time)

TDI Explore AD.png
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