irixboot network install issues


New member
Jul 18, 2020
Hello! Just got a bigger hard drive to do a full install of Irix 6.5 on my Indigo2 and was attempting to use the 'irixboot' setup from Github. I've read through the instructions and don't see anything that I could have missed. It is looking like the VM is responding to bootp requests from what I can see in Wireshark, but then after it replies nothing happens. I can see the Indigo2 sending multiple requests, and the VM sending multiple replies but it never moves past the bootp packets. Anyone have any tips on where to look for hints on what's happening?

I'm doing a 'bootp():/install/stand/fx.64' from the indigo2 which is shown as a valid path when the VM comes up and displays installation paths. Also tried just starting the install to see what would happen but it doesn't work either..


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