IRIX install on ZuluSCSI


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Dec 31, 2022
Czech Republic
It's probably less complicated to perform an installation over network. Check out the new "all-in-one" IRIX installer tool called 'LOVE', created by TruHobbyist. It combines services like tftp, bootp, rsh etc in a single binary to serve IRIX installation media over network.
And I would stick to Version 5.3 for an Indy.
Thanks, I did previously try the booterizer and failed. I'm completely useless when it comes to networking - 0 experience. This one might be easier, but when I already have a ZuluSCSI I decided to use that.

As for the IRIX version recommendation - interestingly I find a lot of differing opinions - some say 6.5 is ok as long as you have 128MB+ RAM and a faster CPU, yours is quite the opposite. Honestly for me this is a 'mess around with and have fun' machine and I will downgrade if I find it too slow. I guess I wanted to try the latest in order to have access to the widest range of pre-compiled software.

Anyways thanks for all your tips, flexion :)
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