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Jun 23, 2019
Hi all,

I have set up a fast ZNC IRC bouncer on my server which is up 24/7 on a fast 500/down 40/up connection. Thankfully we have an IRC-Discord bridge so that we can converse in the same channels.

Here is how a BNC makes IRC even better:
* Connect to IRC/Bridged Discord on your SGI
* IRC is great for retro machines - I run IRC on all of my 'net connected retro boxes
* Low overhead with SSL encryption from the server > IRC OFTC network.
* Simple to set up, just connect to the bouncer instead of the usual IRC server.
* Saves all of your channels / logs / messages persistently, just like discord

If you'd like an account let me know and I will provide you the details. I am setting these up for sgi community members only.

Recommended IRC clients for IRIX:
If you prefer command line: Irrsi (Available in Nekoware)
If you prefer GUI with low overhead: Smirc (Uses Motif! Available here)
If you like a bells-n-whistles GUI with high overhead: Xchat (Available in Nekoware)

I have attached Smirc which is my favourite client, it was built by onre (I think! It was a while back) There are two folders, one has the -irix extension, this contains the binary. before you run Smirc-dynamic (the binary) run this command inside its directory: 'xrdb -merge < Smirc' so that you get the Xresources (colour settings, user interface strings etc) You can open up the XResources file called 'Smirc' in nedit or any other editor and change its appearance to your hearts content, it is very straight forward and well annotated. I personally like a dark theme, I have attached my personal Smirc resources file that you can put inside your Smirc directory or just rename it to .Xresources and put it inside your home directory (or merge it if you have an Xresources already) If you'd like to keep Smirc's settings put them in `~/.Xresources`

ps - you may need to configure a file type rule for the Smirc binary.



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