Indigo 1 Power Supply Basics


Feb 4, 2019
Western United States
Please provide feedback, thoughts? What did I get wrong ?
That all looks very reasonable; thank you for posting! I'm not sure how the I1 will take it if the soft shutdown doesn't work, but hopefully it doesn't mind. I don't think it should cause any damage?

One of the interesting things you might think about is the best way of constructing the wiring harness, especially for the 5V side.


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Nov 24, 2021
I just finish rebuild on my R3000 PSU...I am Including the BOM that I use to get my unit back online....but the capacitor list will be helpful to everyone.
I am working on R4000 PSU, no luck yet, all caps and MOFET has been replace....still not luck....will keep everyone posted...

Enjoy the R3000K PSU BOM
Screenshot 2022-05-27 174636.png
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