How to launch mrxvt via Icon Catalog


Feb 8, 2019
Now that you have mrxvt installed via irixports (you did do that, didn't you?), wouldn't it be nice to launch it by clicking an icon in Icon Catalog?

Read over this:

You'll see right off that Icon Catalog uses hexadecimal tags for finding and determining which apps get what icons and how they're opened and stuff.

I declare that since SGI ain't passing out more tags, we use a simple method of converting the name of the thing to hex, and using the first 8 characters of that as the tag.

Using a ASCII to Hex converter I can see that 'mrxvt' converts to '6d 72 78 76 74', so my tag will be 0x6d727876 .

As root (and I recommend running NOT bash, so /sbin/tcsh):

cd /usr/lib/filetype/install

Crack that sucker open and mangle it so it looks as follows:

TYPE mrxvtExecutable
        MATCH   tag == 0x6d727876;
        LEGEND  mrxvt terminal
        SUPERTYPE       Executable
        CMD OPEN        $LEADER
        ICON            {
                        if(opened) {
                        } else {
Yeah I'm still using the glp icons. You can fix yours yourself.

Next cd up a directory and run make. Be sure you're running mipspro make, not gnu make!

cd /usr/lib/filetype
make -u

Create a link to your application in the appropriate Icon Catalog "page" directory.

ln -s ~edodd/.local/bin/mrxvt /usr/lib/desktop/iconcatalog/pages/C/Applications/.

Go to your X session, log out, and back in. When you run Icon Catalog, your new mrxvt icon should appear!
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