Has anyone ever put an ssd in a scsi sgi computer


Feb 4, 2019
Certainly worth a try, if you can obtain one at a reasonable price! Having seen similar units for sale before though, my suspicion would be the price is more than people would want to pay by an extra digit or so, since they are generally selling to businesses that have no choice but to prop up old tech.


Aug 25, 2021
bought a simple LSI PCI-X card and connected a SATA SSD to his old SGI!

It only works in the Fuel/Tezro/Origin 3x0 machines, but hey, it's something!
FWIW, I just did this recently in an Origin 350. Works great; speeds are pretty excellent:

# req_size fwd_wt fwd_rd bwd_wt bwd_rd rnd_wt rnd_rd
# (bytes) (MB/s) (MB/s) (MB/s) (MB/s) (MB/s) (MB/s)
16384 91.39 271.36 60.61 162.03 20.37 29.58
32768 77.54 251.59 61.02 145.73 40.54 55.43
65536 275.38 209.11 255.17 69.88 239.96 96.22
131072 274.30 212.25 256.30 85.60 259.20 122.00

I did a fresh install with both the SATA SSD and a SCSI HD in there. You have to use the SCSI HD as the boot partition -- or, I believe, load the kernel via bootp() which I haven't done yet but I intend to try. I don't see why it wouldn't work. I partitioned the scsi drive so that inst would have something to copy the install onto, and then once I was in inst I dropped to the shell, used fx to partition the SATA drive (since it was visible at that point), and then in inst swapped mounts so that /usr was the SSD. That way I installed to the SSD from the start.

I made a more detailed writeup here: LSI SATA in Origin 350 - HackMD

Note I didn't have to do any firmware downgrading; maybe I got lucky? I had firmware version on a SAS3041X-R.

Edit: the SSD itself is a 500gb Samsung 840 EVO I had laying around.
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